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Keep This Book Alive

This is a living book. Pages will continue to be added, and by downloading the book to your phone or tablet, you’ll have easy access to the latest versions.

Keeping this book alive, though, requires work. The PWB technology platform took several weeks to build, and I don’t write so much as edit, which is to say I produce words very, very slowly. But with your support and encouragement, I’ll continue turning what I’ve slowly learned about life into halfway-decent advice.

So, while this book is free, I also suggest you support the project by buying me a coffee. Why would you do such a thing? Hopefully because you enjoy and value the advice that follows and want to keep it coming. And, perhaps most importantly, because you’ll also be supporting an experiment in web publishing that is about as antithetical to a certain big book company as you can get.

Just getting started and not ready to support the project? No worries, I’ll ask again.