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How to Read This Book

You’re reading a Progressive Web Book or PWB. Never heard of such a thing? That’s probably because I made it up.

(To be fair, in the history of the Internet the term was actually used once before, on Twitter in 2016, and moreover, in much the same way as I’m using it now.)

In any case, a PMB aims to combine the secure, installable, and network-independent principles of Progressive Web Apps with the simplicity and readability of a book. There’s much more to say about that, but it’s enough to know that while you can view this book in your browser, you can also download it as an app on your phone or tablet and read it with or without an Internet connection.

Already convinced? Download and install now.

Convinced? Here’s how to download the book now:

Apple iPhone or iPad

  • Launch Safari (it won’t work on Chrome)
  • Open ODYFY.com or scan this QR code
  • Tap Safari’s icon
  • Tap “Add to Home Screen” then “Add”

Android Phone or Tablet

  • Launch Chrome
  • Open ODYFY.com or scan this QR code
  • Tap Chrome’sicon
  • Tap “Add to Home screen” then “Add”

Now, the most important thing: how to turn the page. In addition to clicking or tapping the ← and → icons at the bottom of the screen, you can:

Finally, if you ever get lost, just click or tap the top of the page to go home.