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The technologies not used in this book are just as important as the ones that are, so let’s start with those. One Day You’ll Find Yourself was built without ads, cookies, or other trackers, meaning the book respects your privacy as much as I do.

Also, you may have noticed that with the exception of the favicon—the small icon that identifies the site on home screens and browser tabs—this book was created without image files. That means less data to transfer and quicker page loads for you.

Of course, a book without images can also be a bit boring, but a nice font helps. Enter Matthew Butterick’s aforementioned and incredibly lovely typeface, Valkyrie. Please buy and use all his beautiful fonts.

Finally, for those who care about such things, the Progressive Web Book platform was hand-coded in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, and is hosted by Dreamhost, with whom I have a love-hate-but-mostly-love relationship.